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News & Views from CBA

CBA’s ORPP Update

On August 11, 2015 the Ontario Government released new details about the Ontario Registered Pension Plan (ORPP) and its implementation. Although the ORPP has not yet received legislative approval, CBA will be working on a proactive strategy to assist our clients through the implementation. The newly released details outline ORPP enrolment criteria and the definition [...]


ORPP Update

New information was released today regarding the ORPP’s definition of comparable plans, read more here: http://www.fin.gov.on.ca/en/pension/orpp/bulletin-100815.html


Canadian Leadership Council on Drug Plan Partnerships

CBA’s Rob Crofts was chosen to participate as an advisory board member to explore opportunities of collaboration designed to improve plan sponsor and plan member experiences. Hosted by Benefits Canada the Canadian Leadership Council on Drug Plan Partnerships brought together some of the of the best minds in the pharmaceutical industry, to discuss drug plan management and [...]