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Our very own Katherine Rapp on CTV

Katherine was interviewed by CTV to discuss how “collectively, Canadians are missing out on as much as $3 billion in pension contributions” by not maximizing their contribution to their Defined Contribution Pension Plan and receiving their employers matching contribution.


High Income ODB Recipients To Pay New Income Based Deductible

Higher Deductible May Impact Costs for Plan Sponsors Do you: Have a retiree health benefit that provides coverage beyond age 65? Do you cover active employees who choose to work beyond age 65? Ontario has introduced an income based deductible for higher income ODB plan members over 65 as part of changes announced in last [...]


Proposed Pension Regulations

Letters Of Credit – A Proposed Funding Alternative for Defined Benefit Pension Plans In December of 2010 the Ontario provincial government gave royal assent to Bill 120 which amended the Pension and Benefits Act to create a legislative framework for letters of credit.  The value of the letter of credit may be used in place of [...]